Dear Family and Friends
We can't wait to celebrate our special day with you! Though the world isn't exactly "cooperating", we've decided to move forward with our wedding date, as planned. Please help us ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend by reviewing the "FAQ's" page below, outlining important safety protocols we will be following during the event.
Taylor & Carter




Our Story

T & C

On March 15, 2018, Carter called Taylor for the very first time....
Taylor had just arrived in Cancun, Mexico to celebrate her 30th Birthday with Brittany (her cousin) and Heather (her sister-in-law) Heather and certainly had no idea she'd be receiving a phone call from her future husband that day. Carter had been given Taylor's phone number by a mutual friend, (James Klein) whose wife, Amy, had grown up with Taylor in Midland, TX. After sitting on the number for few weeks, Carter randomly decided he'd give Taylor, a call and ask her put on a date (and to think... Carter's initial response was “no thanks, James”, to the idea of being set up... .typical Carte 🙄).
It’s definitely safe to say that both Carter and Taylor were tired of the 'dating game'. They each had their fair share of funny stories and failed relationships.... But thanks to Carter's bold pursuit, combined with Taylor's liquid courage, that phone call lead to their first date, following Taylor’s return home.
Fearing another awkward 'blind' experience, they kept things lo-key with afternoon drinks at a local bar, America Gardens. Being the gentleman he is, Carter went and picked Taylor up at her house and was struck by her beauty, while Taylor was very impressed by Carter’s chivalry. Long story short, that first date ending up lasting 12 straight hours! What began as a few casual drinks turned into a baptism of Carter’s life through dinner with his friends and a night of dancing… only, after they let Boss and Coco out to potty, of course. 🐾
If you asked them when they began dating, they'd both tell you March 15, because it was from that day forward that their companionship developed and quickly grew... That would really be an oversimplification though... The truth is that their relationship started long before they were even formed in their mother’s wombs. God has been ordaining and directing ten thousand things to get them to this point. For Taylor, that has been an adoring family… jobs in Fort Worth… the pains of life… and the love of an ever-pursuing Heavenly Father. For Carter, family and friends as near as skin… coaching/business success and failures… athletics… and a God who has been an ever-present North Star... The last 2 to 3 years of their lives have been full of fun experiences, shared interests, loving families, a lot of playful banter (perhaps a little too much, at times 😁) and Christ’s abounding love and provision.
The rest of forever will be full of much of the same, and likely the struggles of life, but as they joyfully receive each other on January 23, 2021, they will also be joyfully receiving the gift of a “good thing” (Proverbs 18:22).
And, God willing, they will raise children that know the very same.
Carter and Taylor are so grateful for your love and support, in leading them to this point, and they look forward to walking with each other, and you, the rest of the way.

Rebecca Daublin